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Admission requirements

Candidates for the PhD Defence and Homeland Security recruitment must be able to justify :

  • Either a funding dedicated to their doctoral thesis scholarship awarded for 3 years for a minimum amount of 1200€/month (ministerial allocation, AID, Cifre, CEA, CNES, ADEME, Region, ANR, funding by an international organization, etc.)
  • Either justify a salary and be made available to carry out a thesis in continuing education or validation of acquired experience (VAE)

Application Process

  1. The future candidate must compile an application file, including CV, covering letter, copies of diplomas (Master obtained with AB minimum required) and thesis project. The application file has to be transmitted in PDF form by email to the PhD Program Director.

  2. The application file is then examined by the PhD program Council.

  3. Candidates are notified of their acceptance in the PhD Program.

Participation in the PhD Program does not require additional fees to those of the annual PhD registration at Aix-Marseille University.