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Examples of projects

  • Robotics : Micro Drone

    The BeeRotor robot, equipped with an insect inspired eye. © Expert & Ruffier. ISM, AMU/CNRS.

  • Robotics : Antbot

    Bio-inspired navigation applied to a hexapod without a global geo-location system (Antbot). © Dupeyroux, Viollet & Serres. ISM,AMU/CNRS.

  • Nanotechnologies

    Plasmonic nano-antennas associated with rectifying molecular diodes for energy capture and photodetection. © Duche & Escoubas. IM2NP, AMU/CNRS/UTLN

  • People and Systems

    Cognitive recovery in patients with head trauma: demonstration of the cerebral mechanisms of functional restoration. © Alescio-Lautier. LNSC, AMU/CNRS

    hommes et systèmes
  • Fluids and Structures

    Modeling and optimization of an flexible blade rotor. © Eloy & Le Dizès IRPHE, AMU/CNRS.

    fluides et structures
  • Photonics

    Spatially structured multilayer infrared components. © Institut Fresnel, AMU/CNRS/Centrale Marseille